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The Grand Istanbul Bazaar is an online bazaar where you can find authentic and handmade products which are made by artisans like carvers, painters, ceramicists, glaziers, curriers, joiners. The purpose of the Grand Istanbul Bazaar is to reach all those unique and handmade products around the world and constitute an international market for these artisans. It is also a kind of social responsibility project for us in terms of maintaining cultural heritage. Because, these artisants, now, have the risk of staying local and being forgotten by reason of not getting into the international market. Therefore, they do not have an opportunity to make their names, even worse, they have been dealing with making money barely in recent years. In conclusion, the Grand Istanbul Bazaar was created with such an inspirational idea of giving a chance to these artisans to make their names as well as spreading this cultural richness. 

 Misson & Vision

The Grand Istanbul Bazaar aims to contribute the spread of this cultural heritage which shapes our identities and everyday life. Our mission is to maintain the cultural heritage and pass down them to the new generations. In accordance with that our vision is to find artisans around the world and bring together all these unique, authentic and handmade crafts with people.


Our philosophy is to being in touch with artisans as a respect for human being, all natures and the environment. Thus, Grand Istanbul Bazaar is like a bridge between the unique, authentic, hanmade and nature crafts from all cultures, traditions and fair trade across the world. In other words, due to our philosophy, commerce and ideals are going hand in hand in Grand Istanbul Bazaar. In this way, while artisans can sell their with a fair price in our online platform and build a reasonable life for themselves, these traditional and authentic products can be reached from generations to generations. You are always very welcome with your purchases or collaborations to built this traditional and cultural bridge.

 What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade refers to the concientious commerce with respect for people and the environment. Many of the artisans who make those authentic products are generally poor and often have little chance of development. So, without fair trade, they have less even more no chance to compete with big markets in the global export market. However, at fair trade, recognized suppliers of the world store enter into long-term trade relations with producers in developing countries. Thus, producers can invest better in their own future. 

Fair trade also means a fair price for a fair product. So, on one hand, it gives an opportunity  to those artisans to improve their own business, on the other hand it enables to consumers to have qualified products with a fair price. That is to say, fair trade protects both producers’ and consumers’ rights. Therefore, you can contribute to producers’ lives via buying an authentic gift from the Grand Istanbul Bazaar in developing countries.

In order to be able to carry out projects with aiming to help Artisans, we are looking for sponsors, cooperation partners and investors.