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The Shapeshifter - Tiger's Eye Sphere

$150.00 $245.00

 Natural stone is all cut and polished by hand.  

This item can be used as a Special art decoration for your home ,office or business, or as a special gift.

Tiger's Eye is a powerful Solar Plexus Chakra stone that protects your auric field and promotes strength, especially during times of transition or change. It synthesizes the energies of the sun and the earth, and provides balance of the Yin-Yang energies within. It can make you invisible from negative energy sources, and can give you the power to draw negativity out of your life. Tiger's Eye enhances your manifestation abilities and can speed up the manifestation process in general.


Details of Crystal
* Healing Balancing Reiki.
* Stone: Rose Quartz
* Color: Pink.
* Size: Diameter - 85 mm - 3.34"
* Weight: 1196 gr - 2.63 lbs
* Sale For 1 Pcs.

* This Sphere Ball Useful for Positive Energy Healing Meditation Peace of Mind Chakra Balancing & Concentration.

Detalles de Cristal
* Tamaño: Diámetro - 85 mm - 3.34"
* Peso: 1196 gr - 2.63 lbs
* Venta por 1 piezas

* Esta pelota de la esfera útil para energía positiva que cura equilibrio del chakra de la tranquilidad de ánimo de meditación & concentración.


*** Please note that sizes and color may vary slightly from the photo because Tiger's Eye Sphere is unique and nature made.

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*** Tenga en cuenta que los tamaños y el color pueden variar ligeramente de la foto, porque Esfera del Ojo del Tigre es única y naturaleza hecha.

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